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H.A. HAT Co.

Actor, theatremaker, musician, beatboxer and funny lady, Holly Austin is a women of many hats.

She also loves wearing hats and making them.

H.A. Hat Co. was born out of Holly's desire to create wearable works of art for heads.


Each hat has it's own story that is as unique as the individual it was made for.

All of the hats Holly creates are made from the highest quality fur felt, vintage ribbons along with special trinkets and treasures she has collected from her travels all over the world.



ANGUS was made especially for Angus, as the ultimate birthday gift. Inspiration came from his precious Scottish feather pin he was given as a wee young lass. The ANGUS has been fired and topped off with a tiny vintage key and a very collectable 1938 Penny. 



H.A. Hat Co. makes individual hats for individual heads. So if you are thinking " Wow I would love my very own H.A. Hat " then the next step is to measure your head.


Step one: Get yourself a sewing tape measure or a piece of non-stretchy string.


Step two: Take your string or sewing tape measure and start at a point roughly 1/2 to 1 inch above your ears, and then while trying to keep it as level as possible, wrap the string or measure around your head until you come back to your starting point.


Step three: Be careful to hold on to your end point on the string or sewing tape measure in order to properly mark your head size, making sure it's not too tight or too loose.

Step four: For your length of string, use your ruler to work out how long your length of string measures.

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H.A. Hat Co. has a wide range of top quality felts to choose from.

Contact us with you head measurements and we'll be in touch to discuss the best colour that suits the best you. 


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